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Mellons Bay Case Study

There was too much concrete in the entrance to the property for our client.

We used our high quality turf, ‘Primavera’ to hide the concrete and soften the area. To do this we used adhesive to attach the turf to the existing concrete creating a soft lawn area.


Client Feedback

As clients we could easily pick the wrong guy because there are so many amateurs hanging around boasting they are the best. We owe Tim and his team a big “thank you” for having done a fabulous job for us.

Their design and workmanship are second to none. Their quote is very reasonable and possibly the most affordable when compared with the costs from the amateurs. They have finished the project and tidied up our garden just as they’d promised. The whole process is way above our expectations.

Tim turned up promptly for a quote as he’d promised although he was extremely busy (Tim is always very popular with clients!). He visualized the project and gave us practical advice on how to remedy the problems. In short, Tim uses the simplest and most economic method to achieve the best result.

Tim and his team virtually turned it into a fairyland. Our neighbours come to tell us how wonderful our new landscaping looks and how impressive the Sculptaview team is. We would like to recommend Tim and his team because they are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Tim and his team are very hardworking, efficient, courteous, honest, reliable… all these words can just keep going. You will understand this better if you’ve ever dealt with the average.

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There was too much concrete in the entrance to the property for our client…


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